Section 6: Dragon Commands for Microsoft PowerPoint

This section provides several useful Dragon commands that can be used with Microsoft PowerPoint. They have been created and tested using MS PowerPoint Office 365 (32 bit) and the majority require the selection of the Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0 Object Library(2.c).

The macros can be used with earlier versions of MS PowerPoint; however, you may need to change to your version of the MS PowerPoint Object Reference.

List of contents:

  • Create a Table of Contents
  • Insert x Number of Slides Before or After the Selected Slide
  • Move Selected Slide to a Specific Position within the Presentation
  • Export all Text from Slides to a Text File
  • Add a Custom Populated Slide into the Current Presentation
  • Copy all Selected Slides to a New PowerPoint Presentation
  • Change Colour of the Selected Shape
  • Change all Shapes that are NOT a Specific Colour to a Different Colour on the Active Slide
  • Change all Shapes throughout the Presentation
  • Change all Instances of a Specific Shape into another throughout the Presentation
  • Show Selected Shape VBA details
  • Show VBA details of all Selected Shapes
  • Popular Dragon Professional NaturallySpeaking built-in commands for MS PowerPoint