Dragon Professional - A Step Further book cover

101 Ready-To-Use Dragon Commands

Publication Details:

Author: Michael Shepherd

Paperback: 340 Pages

Print ISBN: 978-1-9160450-5-7

Published: 2019

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: ASPA Media

Covers: Dragon Professional Individual; Dragon Professional Group; Dragon Medical Practice Edition; Dragon Legal and Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

“101 Ready-To-Use Dragon Commands” is a compilation of real-world Dragon commands that can instantly be used with popular applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MindManager and others.

All users of Dragon Professional and Dragon NaturallySpeaking can take advantage of these ready-made commands. Beginners can quickly import commands, make slight modifications where necessary to suit their personal needs and within minutes begin to use them. Intermediate and advanced users can use the example macros as a form of reference or guide to creating their own scripting projects.

The majority of macros in this book outline a scenario or issue that needs to be resolved. Actual Dragon code is provided as a solution, as well as, explanation of how the macro works so that you can tailor it to your needs.

The macros used throughout the book are available for download.

The 101 Dragon Macros (Voice Commands) in this book include:

  • Dragon Auto-Text (Text and Graphics) Commands
  • Dragon Step by Step Commands
  • Dragon Advanced Scripting Commands
  • Commands that incorporate Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Commands that make use of the Dialog Form Editor
  • Commands that combine Applications
  • Dragon macros that include Object Library References

The book can be read cover to cover or referred to like a cookbook with 101 different recipes that demonstrate how Dragon can be used alongside popular applications to help you save time, automate tasks, and ultimately be more productive.

“101 Ready-To-Use Dragon Commands” is ideal for any Dragon user who wants to do more; control more; automate more, all by voice on their PC.

SECTION 1: Dragon Command Types

  • Creating Dragon commands
  • Creating Auto-Text (Text and Graphics) Commands
  • Creating Macro Recorder Commands
  • Creating Step-by-Step Commands
  • Creating Advanced Scripting Commands
    • Using VBA scripts in Dragon Advanced Scripting Commands

SECTION 2: Incorporating Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Dragon Commands

  • Creating your own VBA Scripts
    • Show the Developer Menu Ribbon
    • Assign a Keyboard Shortcut to the Macro
    • Record the Macro
    • Run and test the Macro
    • Accessing the VBA Code produced
    • Create a Dragon Command using the generated VBA Code
  • Object Library References

SECTION 3: Working with the Dragon Macros in this book

  • Using the Macro examples
  • Obtaining the Sample Macros
  • Importing and using the Sample Macros
    • Importing Macros that contain Dragon Lists
    • Importing Macros that contain a Reference to an Application Object Library
    • Updating Application-specific Macros
  • Commands that include Dragon List Variables
    • Creating a Dragon List
    • Editing Dragon Lists
  • Editing and Training Dragon Commands
    • Editing Auto-Text (Text and Graphics) Macros
    • Editing Macro Recorder Macros
    • Editing Step-by-Step Macros
    • Editing Advanced Scripting Macros
  • Training Dragon to recognise how you pronounce voice commands
  • Things to keep in mind
  • Where can you go from here?

SECTION 4: Dragon Commands for Microsoft Word

  • Working with Fillable Forms
  • Changing the Document Background Colour
  • Inserting Random Text
  • Inserting a Specific Amount of Random Text
  • Highlight Selected Text in Red, Green, Yellow etc.
  • Extract Highlighted Text to a New Document
  • Extract Highlighted Text and Group them in a New Document
  • Extract Comments to a New Document
  • Print Document Comments
  • Changing a Page Orientation to Landscape
  • Creating, Applying and Removing a New Heading Style
  • Displaying the Style of the Selected Text
  • Autofit Tables
  • Split Screen by Percentage
  • Apply a Page Numbering Style one/two/three
  • Insert Page Numbers Starting at Page x
  • Remove x Page Numbers from the End of a Document
  • Remove x Page Numbers from the Start of a Document
  • Revealing Line Numbers in Documents
  • Display the Number of Words, Characters and Paragraphs in the Selected Text
  • Using the MS Word Spike Function

SECTION 5: Dragon Commands for Microsoft Excel

  • Create a Table of Contents
  • Read Out Selected Cells
  • Auto Fit all Columns and Rows
  • Inserting Text into Headers and Footers
  • Changing the Worksheet Tab Name
  • Sort Worksheet Tabs by Name
  • Copy Worksheet to a new Workbook
  • Create a new Workbook for each Worksheet
  • Convert Chart Type
  • Add a Chart Title
  • Remove Hyperlinks
  • Apply and Remove Password Protection on all Worksheets
  • Count the Number of Words in an Excel Worksheet
  • Inserting Blank Rows between Existing Rows
  • Highlight Rows and Columns in a Specific Style
  • Highlight all Duplicates in a Selection
  • Hide all Rows that Do Not contain Duplicate Data
  • Unhide all Columns and Rows

SECTION 6: Dragon Commands for Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Create a Table of Contents
  • Insert x Number of Slides Before or After the Selected Slide
  • Move Selected Slide to a Specific Position within the Presentation
  • Export all Text from Slides to a Text File
  • Add a Custom Populated Slide into the Current Presentation
  • Copy all Selected Slides to a New PowerPoint Presentation
  • Change Colour of the Selected Shape
  • Change all Shapes that are NOT a Specific Colour to a Different Colour on the Active Slide
  • Change all Shapes throughout the Presentation
  • Change all Instances of a Specific Shape into another throughout the Presentation
  • Show Selected Shape VBA details
  • Show VBA details of all Selected Shapes

SECTION 7: Dragon Commands for Microsoft Publisher

  • Performing MS Publisher Arrange Functions
  • Insert x Number of Pages Before or After Page x
  • Change the Text Font throughout a Publication
  • Change only the Text that meets a specific format throughout the Document
  • Export All Text within Text Frames to a Text File
  • Resize All Images within the Publication to a Specific Size
  • Resize the Selected Images to a Specific Size
  • Replacing a Specific Linked Image on All Pages with a New One
  • Center Align Shapes
  • Rotating Selected shapes
  • Filling a Shape with a Random or Custom Colour
  • Create Ruler Guidelines on the Selected Page
  • Remove Ruler Guidelines From the Selected Page
  • Move Ruler Guidelines on the Selected Page, version 1
  • Move Ruler Guidelines on the Selected Page, version 2

SECTION 8: Dragon Commands for Mindjet MindManager

  • Performing MindManager Functions
  • Performing a Word Count for the Entire Mind Map
  • Performing a Word Count for a Selected Topic Only
  • Apply a Custom Style to the Selected Topic
  • Apply a Custom Style to All Selected Topics
  • Split a Topic into Multiple Topics or Subtopics
  • Locate, Select and Apply Focus to a Specific Topic by its Title Name
  • Go to a Topic with the option of going back to the starting Topic
  • Convert a Topic to a Callout and Vice Versa
  • Create a Link to a Submap from a Topic

SECTION 9: Dragon Commands for Microsoft Windows

  • Open a Specific File
  • Open Web Browser at a Specific Web Address
  • Open Windows Explorer at a Specific Folder
  • Opening applications unknown to Dragon
  • Save a Full-Screen Screenshot directly to a File
  • Screen Shot the Active Window and Paste in Microsoft Paint
  • Screen Shot the Active Window and Save as a PNG, JPEG or BMP

SECTION 10: Other Dragon Commands

  • Inserting a Custom e-Mail Signature
  • Creating a Fillable Business Letter Template
  • Display the Number of Words in the Selected Text in any Document
  • Read out a serial number Character by Character
  • Using Dragon with Twitter
  • Working With and Calculating Dates
  • Recipes for the Command Prompt
    • Running a created Batch (.bat) File
    • Run a Batch File Script that Prints to a Text File the List of Filenames in a Specific Folder
    • Open File Explorer to a Specific Directory Folder
  • Performing Sonocent Audio Notetaker Functions
  • Performing ClaroRead Functions
  • Alternatives to existing Dragon Commands
    • Create an alternative to the “Goto Sleep” Command
    • Indication of when something is Copied

SECTION 11: Dragon Commands for Combining Applications

  • Export the Selected Excel Chart to MS Word
  • Export the Selected Excel Chart to MS PowerPoint
  • Export All Excel Charts to MS PowerPoint
  • Export All PowerPoint Slides to MS Word
  • Export the Selected PowerPoint Slide to MS Word

SECTION 12: Appendix

  • Useful Links
  • Excel ColorIndex values
  • Alternative Mindjet MindManager Icon Names