Section 7: Dragon Commands for Microsoft Publisher

This section provides several Dragon commands that can be used with Microsoft Publisher. They have been created and tested using MS Publisher Office 365 (32 bit) and the majority require the selection of the Microsoft Publisher 16.0 Object Library(2.3).

The macros can be used with earlier versions of MS Publisher; however, you may need to change to your version of the MS Publisher Object Reference.

List of contents:

  • Performing MS Publisher Arrange Functions
  • Insert x Number of Pages Before or After Page x
  • Change the Text Font throughout a Publication
  • Change only the Text that meets a specific format throughout the Document
  • Export All Text within Text Frames to a Text File
  • Resize All Images within the Publication to a Specific Size
  • Resize the Selected Images to a Specific Size
  • Replacing a Specific Linked Image on All Pages with a New One
  • Center Align Shapes
  • Rotating Selected shapes
  • Filling a Shape with a Random or Custom Colour
  • Create Ruler Guidelines on the Selected Page
  • Remove Ruler Guidelines From the Selected Page
  • Move Ruler Guidelines on the Selected Page, version 1
  • Move Ruler Guidelines on the Selected Page, version 2
  • Dragon Professional NaturallySpeaking working with MS Publisher