Section 4: Dragon Commands for Microsoft Word

This section provides several practical macros that can be used with Microsoft Word. They have been created and tested using MS Word Office 365 (32 bit) and the majority require the selection of the Microsoft Word 16.0 Object Library(8.7).

The macros can be used with earlier versions of MS Word; however, you may need to change to your version of the MS Word Object Reference.

List of contents:

  • Working with Fillable Forms
  • Changing the Document Background Colour
  • Inserting Random Text
  • Inserting a Specific Amount of Random Text
  • Highlight Selected Text in Red, Green, Yellow etc.
  • Extract Highlighted Text to a New Document
  • Extract Highlighted Text and Group them in a New Document
  • Extract Comments to a New Document
  • Print Document Comments
  • Changing a Page Orientation to Landscape
  • Creating, Applying and Removing a New Heading Style
  • Displaying the Style of the Selected Text
  • Autofit Tables
  • Split Screen by Percentage
  • Apply a Page Numbering Style one/two/three
  • Insert Page Numbers Starting at Page x
  • Remove x Page Numbers from the End of a Document
  • Remove x Page Numbers from the Start of a Document
  • Revealing Line Numbers in Documents
  • Display the Number of Words, Characters and Paragraphs in the Selected Text
  • Using the MS Word Spike Function
  • Dragon Professional NaturallySpeaking working with MS Word