Section 8: Dragon Commands for Mindjet MindManager

This section provides several useful recipes that have been created and tested to be used with Mindjet MindManager 2018 (32 bit). The majority require the selection of the MindManager 18 Type Library(12.0).

These macros can be used with other versions of Mindjet MindManager; however, you may need to change to your version of the Mindjet MindManager Object Reference.

List of contents:

  • Performing MindManager Functions
  • Performing a Word Count for the Entire Mind Map
  • Performing a Word Count for a Selected Topic Only
  • Apply a Custom Style to the Selected Topic
  • Apply a Custom Style to All Selected Topics
  • Split a Topic into Multiple Topics or Subtopics
  • Locate, Select and Apply Focus to a Specific Topic by its Title Name
  • Go to a Topic with the option of going back to the starting Topic
  • Convert a Topic to a Callout and Vice Versa
  • Create a Link to a Submap from a Topic
  • Dragon Professional NaturallySpeaking working with Mindjet Mindmanager