Section 5: Dragon Commands for Microsoft Excel

This section provides useful recipes that can be used with Microsoft Excel. They have been created and tested using MS Excel Office 365 (32 bit) and the majority require the selection of the Microsoft Excel 16.0 Object Library(1.9).

The macros can be used with earlier versions of MS Excel; however, you may need to change to your version of the MS Excel Object Reference.

List of contents:

  • Create a Table of Contents
  • Read Out Selected Cells
  • Auto Fit all Columns and Rows
  • Inserting Text into Headers and Footers
  • Changing the Worksheet Tab Name
  • Sort Worksheet Tabs by Name
  • Copy Worksheet to a new Workbook
  • Create a new Workbook for each Worksheet
  • Convert Chart Type
  • Add a Chart Title
  • Remove Hyperlinks
  • Apply and Remove Password Protection on all Worksheets
  • Count the Number of Words in an Excel Worksheet
  • Inserting Blank Rows between Existing Rows
  • Highlight Rows and Columns in a Specific Style
  • Highlight all Duplicates in a Selection
  • Hide all Rows that Do Not contain Duplicate Data
  • Unhide all Columns and Rows
  • Dragon Professional NaturallySpeaking working with MS Excel