Popular built-in Dragon commands for Google Chrome

DST Dragon Google Chrome

By default, Dragon offers mouse and generic commands when working with Google Chrome so therefore you will not be able to select links and buttons by voice.

Use With:
Dragon® Professional Individual v14+
Dragon® Professional Group v14+
Dragon® Home
Dragon® NaturallySpeaking v11+
Dragon® Legal & Medical

The Dragon Google Chrome Web Extension.

Users of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 and above should take advantage of the Dragon Web Extension for Google Chrome as it gives virtually full text power in Google Chrome.

By installing the extension into the Chrome Browser, the range of commands will be increased to include the ability to click links, buttons and other objects by name. For example, on a web page, saying “Click recipes” will click a link named “recipes”.

When creating emails within Chrome, the extension gives you full text control when you dictate directly into the browser. Commands such as “Insert Before”, “Delete That” and “Correct That” are all available to enable efficient dictation.

The extension also works well with Google Docs and enables editing and dictation both directly and indirectly. If you require enhanced editing and dictation capabilities whilst dictating within Google Docs, you will need to work with Google Docs indirectly by using the Dragon Dictation Box. However, for some users who just want to lay down ideas quickly, dictating directly may be the preferred method.

Below is a list of useful built-in Dragon commands to work with Google Chrome (web extension installed) by voice.

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