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Dragon Professional – A Step Further
Automate virtually any task on your PC by voice

Publication Details:

Author: Michael Shepherd

Paperback: 320 Pages

Published: 2019

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: ASPA Media

Print (Full colour) ISBN: 978-1-9160450-0-2 | Print (Black & white) ISBN: 978-1-9160450-4-0
ePub ISBN: 978-1-9160450-2-6 | Mobi (Kindle) ISBN: 978-1-9160450-3-3
PDF ISBN: 978-1-9160450-1-9

Dragon Professional – A Step Further;

Dragon Professional – A Step Further; provides you with the tools to extend the capabilities of Dragon Professional and Dragon NaturallySpeaking on PC.

Even if you are new to the world of programming, you will be able to quickly create Dragon commands and automate processes using the simple, yet powerful Dragon Script language. Step by step instructions will walk beginners through the basics, while intermediate and advanced users can take advantage of the source code provided and use them for reference, or as a starting point towards creating effective solutions.

You will learn how to create voice commands that can automate popular software. This is backed up by real-world macros that can be used instantly with popular applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Mindjet MindManager.

This book will show you how to:

  • Create appropriate Dragon command types
  • Generate bespoke email signatures and forms by voice
  • Import and Export Dragon commands
  • Encrypt and protect your Dragon commands
  • Create Dragon macros which incorporate Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Work with Dragon macros that include Object Library References
  • Create, edit and work with Dragon macros that include List Variables
  • Create interactive Dialog Forms
  • Use the Record Macro function to automatically generate Application VBA
  • Produce Dragon voice commands to perform your existing application macros

Start making useful and effective Dragon Commands straight away; that will increase productivity, eliminate stress and anxiety by reducing cognitive load and streamline workflows for individuals or organisations.

Covers: Dragon Professional Individual; Dragon Professional Group; Dragon Medical Practice Edition; Dragon Legal and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional version 12 and above.

Dragon Professional – A Step Further

CHAPTER 01: Macros, Dragon Commands and Dragon Command Types

  • What are Macros?
  • Working with Dragon Commands
  • Creating an Auto-Text (Text and Graphics) Command
  • Creating a Macro Recorder Command
  • Creating a Step-by-Step Command
  • Creating Advanced Scripting Commands

CHAPTER 02: Dragon Script and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

  • Using VBA Macros in Dragon Advanced Scripting Commands
  • Why incorporate VBA Scripts into Dragon Commands?
  • Dragon Commands with Incorporated VBA Scripts
  • Creating your own VBA Scripts
    • Show the Developer Menu Ribbon
    • Assign a Keyboard Shortcut to the Macro
    • Record the Macro
    • Run and test the Macro
    • Accessing the VBA Code produced
    • Create a Dragon Command using the generated VBA Code
  • Object Library References

CHAPTER 03: Editing and Training your Dragon Commands

  • Editing Auto-Text (Text and Graphics) Macros
  • Editing Macro Recorder Macros
  • Editing Step-by-Step Macros
  • Editing Advanced Scripting Macros
  • Training Dragon to recognise how you pronounce your voice commands
  • Training Locked (Protected, Encrypted) Dragon Commands

CHAPTER 04: Dragon List (List Variables) Commands

  • What are Dragon List Commands?
  • Dragon List Commands a step further
  • Dragon WrittenSpoken words List
  • Performing Calculations with Dragon Lists
  • Working with multiple Dragon Lists in multiple Commands
  • The unique Dragon List named "dictation"
  • Dragon List & WrittenSpoken words Lists in Auto-Text (Text and Graphics) Commands
  • Dragon List & WrittenSpoken words Lists in Step-by-Step Commands
  • Dragon List Commands overview

CHAPTER 05: Working with the UserDialog Editor

  • What is the UserDialog Editor?
  • Create a Simple Dialog Form
  • Editing a Dialog Form
  • Using OptionButtons (Radio buttons) in Dialog Forms
  • Using CheckBoxes in Dialog Forms
  • Using PushButtons (user defined buttons) in Dialog Forms
  • Placing GroupBoxes and Images in Dialog Forms
  • Allowing for Alt + Keys in Dialog Forms
  • Set Focus
  • Including Hidden Fields and how we can reveal them
  • Creating List Boxes and Combo Boxes (menus) in Dialog Forms
    • Using the ListBox item in Dialog Forms
    • Using the DropListBox item in Dialog Forms
    • Using the ComboBox item in Dialog Forms
    • Using the MultiListBox item in Dialog Forms
  • Setting an item to a specific state or value
  • UserDialog Editor elements
  • Advance Dialog Functions
  • Dialog Form styled as an Input Box
  • Example Advanced Dialog Form

CHAPTER 06: Importing, Exporting and Distributing Dragon Commands

  • Exporting your Dragon Commands
  • Criteria for Exporting your Dragon Macros
  • Exporting a Macro as an XML file
  • Exporting a Macro as a DAT file
  • Exporting a number of Macros at once
  • The difference between Overwriting and Merging when exporting your Macros
  • Importing Macros
    • Importing Macros that contain Dragon Lists
    • Importing Macros that contain References to Application Object Libraries
  • Updating Application-specific Macros
    • Importing Macros that contain Dragon Lists
    • Importing Macros that contain References to Application Object Libraries

CHAPTER 07: Locking, Protecting, Encrypting your created Dragon Commands

  • How to create an Encrypted Macro
  • Encrypting a bunch of Commands
  • MyCommands Protection Utility Command Line examples

CHAPTER 08: Overview of Dragon Script Commands and Functions

  • Commands and Functions

    AppBringUp :: Arrays :: Beep :: ButtonClick Command :: Chr and Asc Functions :: ClearDesktop :: Clipboard Function :: CLng Function :: CStr Function :: Do While Loop :: Exit Sub :: For…Next Loop :: HeardWord :: If Then Function :: InputBox Function :: InStr Function :: LBound and UBound Functions :: LCase and UCase Functions :: Mid Function :: MouseGrid :: On Error Instruction :: PlaySound :: PromptValue Function :: Select Case Function :: Select Case Function :: SetRecognitionMode :: ShellExecute :: TTSPlayString :: Wait

  • Date and Time Functions
    • The Now, Date & Time Functions
    • More Date and Time Functions
    • Making Date Results More Readable
    • Performing Calculations on Dates
    • Changing the Display Format of Date & Time
    • Table of Date and Time Formatting Styles
  • MsgBox Function - Message Boxes
    • Message Box Types
    • Including a Message Box Title
    • Combining Defined Symbols and their Values to produce Alternative Message Boxes
    • Multiple Lines of Text in Message Boxes
    • Displaying Special Characters in the Prompt Message of Message Boxes
    • Using Variables in Message Boxes
    • An Advanced Message Box Example using Variables
    • Recording User Response from Message Boxes
    • Setting the Focus on a Specific Message Box Button
    • Making sure your Message Box appears On Top
  • SendDragonKeys, SendKeys & SendSystemKeys
    • Dragon Script Performs Table
    • Dragon Script Writes Out Table
    • Adjusting for Different Keyboards

CHAPTER 09: Ready to use Real-World Dragon Macros

  • Inserting a Custom Designed e-Mail Signature
  • Generate a Fillable Business Letter Template
  • Filling Forms in MS Word
  • Create a Backup of the Current Word Document with the Date & Time in the Filename
  • Export a MS Word Document as a PDF with a Hyperlinked Table of Contents
  • Insert Page Numbers in MS Word Starting at Page x
  • Create a Backup of the Current Excel Workbook with the Date & Time in the Filename
  • Renaming and Sorting MS Excel Worksheets
  • Export all Text from MS PowerPoint Slides to a Text File and Open the Text File in MS Word
  • Display the Number of Words in the Selected Text in any Document
  • Find a Topic by its Title Name in Mindjet MindManager
  • Performing Mindjet MindManager Functions
  • Performing Sonocent Audio Notetaker Functions

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