Section 1: Let’s Get Started

This section covers the various Dragon command types, the scenarios in which they are useful and how to create them. You will find details on how to go about creating the appropriate command type macros for a required functionality and how Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) can be incorporated into Dragon Advanced Scripting commands.


  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Macros, Dragon Commands and Dragon Command Types
    • What are Macros?
    • Working with Dragon Commands
    • Creating an Auto-Text(Text and Graphics) Command
    • Creating a Macro Recorder Command
    • Creating a Step-by-Step Command
    • Creating Advanced Scripting Commands
  • Chapter 2: Dragon Script and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
    • Using VBA Macros in Dragon Advanced Scripting Commands
    • Why incorporate VBA Scripts into Dragon Commands?
    • Dragon Commands with Incorporated VBA Scripts
    • Creating your own VBA Scripts
    • Object Library References
  • Chapter 3: Editing and Training your Dragon Commands
    • Editing Auto-Text (Text and Graphics) Macros
    • Editing Macro Recorder Macros
    • Editing Step-by-Step Macros
    • Editing Advanced Scripting Macros
    • Training Dragon to recognise how you pronounce your voice commands
    • Training Locked (Protected, Encrypted) Dragon Commands