Section 2: Creating Dragon Commands with List Variables

You will learn in this section the benefits of creating commands that include List Variables (Dragon Lists). Detailed instructions and example code show you how to create List Variables; create commands that perform functions based on a users dictated phrase; create commands that perform the same action but have different spoken forms and how to perform calculations with commands that include Dragon Lists.


  • Chapter 4: Dragon List (List Variables) Commands
    • What are Dragon List Commands?
    • Dragon List Commands a step further
    • Dragon Written\Spoken words List
    • Performing Calculations with Dragon Lists
    • Working with multiple Dragon Lists in multiple Commands
    • The unique Dragon List named “dictation”
    • Dragon List & Written\Spoken words Lists in Auto-Text(Text and Graphics) Commands
    • Dragon List & Written\Spoken words Lists in Step-by-Step Commands
    • Dragon List Commands overview