Creating and Navigating Tables in MS Word

Creating and navigating tables in MS Word

Did you know, Dragon Professional has built-in commands that make it so easy for you to create and navigate the cells of tables within Microsoft Word.
This handy tip will get you going!

Creating a table.

To instantly create a table in Microsoft Word, decide on the dimensions and as an example simply dictate the command phrase “insert a six by three table”. In our example, the six is the number of columns and three is the number of rows.

Navigating the cells of a table.

Once the table has been created, think of it as a grid of numbered cells where the top left cell is number one and the top right cell is number six.

Now you can navigate your way around the table by dictating command phrases such as “goto cell nine” or “goto cell twelve”.

Applies to:

  • Dragon Professional Individual, Group, Legal, Medical or NaturallySpeaking (13+) Professional
  • Microsoft Word Office

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