Useful links to Office VBA Library References, Objects and Enumerations for Dragon Advanced Scripting Commands

This article provides a resource of useful links to Office VBA Library References, Objects and Enumerations for Dragon Advanced Scripting Commands.

Advanced Scripting Command Overview

When creating Dragon Advanced Scripting commands, you have access to a powerful set of tools for controlling Dragon Professional (NaturallySpeaking), the windows environment and software applications. Advanced Scripting commands can:

  • Launch and control applications as well as change the active application.
  • Control applications by sending keystrokes to an application, selecting a menu item and run application macros.
  • Control the mouse, including clicking the mouse buttons, dragging the mouse, controlling mouse motion, and controlling the MouseGrid.
  • Control dictated text by sending keystrokes to the active window of an application and press modifier keys such as Shift, Alt, and Ctrl to perform application functions.
  • Display a confirmation box, run another voice command script and produce Dialog Forms that enable user data entry for processing.

The most powerful of advanced scripting commands often include incorporating Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). These types of commands can perform complex manipulation of applications (typically MS Office applications) to perform tasks that are not immediately available by menus or often require a sequence of multiple key and mouse actions.
When Incorporating VBA into your scripts you will often have to refer to VBA library references, object names and values. These Object names and values will vary according to the application you intend your command to work with.

Below are a set of useful links for when working with advanced scripting commands:

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