Changing the colour of MS Excel Worksheet Gridlines

changing the colour of ms excel worksheet gridlines

The majority of Excel users leave the gridlines visible so that individual cells can be easily distinguished. Excel by default, displays the grid lines in a light grey colour which is not ideal for all users, especially those with visual impairment. Rather than going through the process of accessing the Excel options, selecting the ‘Advanced option’, ensuring the option ‘Show gridlines’ is checked and then choosing a required colour – Save yourself some time by downloading and importing our free set of Dragon commands to perform a change of colour by voice.

Once imported into your Dragon Professional application, Open Microsoft Excel, and use it by saying:
change worksheet gridlines to red
change worksheet gridlines to default colour

Note: The available colours are: default colour | black | blue | green | magenta| red | white | yellow

Dragon Speech Tips tool #DST20200901

Provides a set of voice commands that enable you to change the colour of the MS Excel gridlines by voice. Click here to watch the voice commands in action!

Applies to:

  • Dragon Professional Individual, Group, Legal, Medical or NaturallySpeaking (13+) Professional
  • Microsoft Excel Office 365 (32 bit)

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