Converting all Tables to Text in MS Word at once

Converting tables to text in MS Word

Tables are a great asset to users of Microsoft Word. However, if you are working with documents that were created in a different word processor, they can be a bit of a problem. For example, when converting a columned text document created in another word processor into a Microsoft Word document, Word will automatically create tables.

Dragon does include the command phrase “convert table to text” which will convert a table to tab separated text columns in MS Word. However, you will need to carry out this process on each of the individual tables within the document.

Download and import our FREE useful Dragon voice command which will enable you to convert all tables throughout your Word document into tab separated columns of text. As a bonus we have added three extra voice commands to produce comma separated, paragraph separated or default list separated columns of text.

Once imported into your Dragon Professional application, open a MS Word document containing tables, and use it by saying:
convert all the tables to text
convert all the tables to text as comma separated
convert all the tables to text as paragraph separated
convert all the tables to text as default list separated

Dragon Speech Tips tool #DST20201130

Provides a set of voice commands that enable you to convert all tables in a Microsoft Word document into either tab, comma, paragraph, or default list separated text by voice.

Applies to:

  • Dragon Professional Individual, Group, Legal, Medical or NaturallySpeaking (13+) Professional
  • Microsoft Word Office 365 (32 bit)

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