Highlighting text and Extracting highlighted text in MS Word

highlighting and extracting highlighted text in ms word

When reading through documents, you may like to use the MS Word highlight function to highlight key points of text in different colours. However, this can prove rather tedious by constantly having to change the default colour. Life would be made so much easier by using a voice command, that when a portion of text has been selected, one can then say, “highlight text red”, “highlight text yellow” etc.

Equally, you may find it useful to extract all your highlighted text within your MS Word document and have them extracted to a new MS Word document for further review, simply dictate “extract highlighted text”.

Dragon Speech Tips tool #DST20200725

Provides a set of voice commands to carry out the highlighting of selected text in various colours as well as a voice command to extract all highlighted text in the current MS Word document to a new MS Word document. Click here to watch the voice commands in action!

Applies to:

  • Dragon Professional Individual, Group, Legal, Medical or NaturallySpeaking (13+) Professional
  • Microsoft Word Office 365 (32 bit)

Once imported, Open Microsoft Word, select some text and try it by saying:
highlight text red

To remove the highlighted colour from the selected text which is highlighted, try it by saying:
remove the highlight

To extract the highlighted text in Microsoft Word to a new MS Word document, try it by saying:
extract highlighted text

Note: The available colours are: green | red | yellow

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